” Who’s Next?” – Another change for The Doctor.

With the announcement last night that the next season of Doctor Who will be Peter Capaldi’s last,  fans are already speculating who will be his successor.

The bookie’s favourite is Ben Wishaw, who is perhaps most famous for his portrayal of ‘Q’ in the recent James Bond films. In those films he displays the intelligent, geeky persona that is so reminiscent of The Doctor and it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to imagine him piloting the TARDIS.

Also mentioned is the fantastic Richard Ayoade, formerly of the I.T. Crowd. Ayoade is a versatile actor who also has a directing career and has just landed the gig presenting The Crystal Maze. Does this put him out of the running?

Ever since Tom Baker ended his reign in 1981, the idea of a female Doctor has been put forward by actors and fans alike. With the wonderful Michelle Gomez making a success of ‘Missy’, the female incarnation of The Master,  a female Doctor seems more likely than ever before. The bookies favourite to play a female Doctor is Miranda Hart. Having not seen much of her TV work, I don’t feel qualified to comment. Others actresses mentioned by bookmakers include Olivia Colman, Sarah Lancashire and Keeley Hawes.

With the rumours of the BBC wanting to take the style of the series back to it’s Tennant days, would a female Doctor be too much of a gamble?

The bookies list seems to be full of great actors who have a great film career – Idris Elba, Michael Sheen, Chiwetel Ejifor and Helen Mirren. I personally don’t see any of them taking time out to play the Doctor but in this instance, I’d like to be wrong.

One actor who has recently expressed an interest in the role is Tarantino favourite, Tim Roth. If he did take on the role I can imagine him not only nailing it but becoming massively popular with the less die hard viewers.

My guess? Well, I think it will be most probably be someone who hasn’t been mentioned yet. Only time will tell…


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